SHOCKING: Meghan Markle’s Jaw-Dropping Decision About Returning to the UK – You Won’t Believe What Royal Expert Reveals

The Duchess of Sussex does not appear to have any immediate plans to return to the United Kingdom, and royal biographer Andrew Morton, known for his collaboration with Princess Diana on the 1992 book “Diana: Her True Story,” has shared his thoughts on the matter.

During an interview with Sky News’ Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips, Morton dismissed the idea of Meghan and the Duke of Sussex returning from the United States to the UK. When asked if he believed the Sussexes would ever come back, he remarked, “Do you expect Meghan Markle to curtsy to Kate Middleton? I highly doubt it. I don’t see that happening. They have firmly established their lives in California.”

It’s important to note that according to royal protocol, Royal Highnesses only bow and curtsy to majesties. Thus, Meghan would only need to curtsy to Kate when she eventually becomes Queen.

Prince Harry, however, is scheduled for a solo trip to the UK without Meghan. He will be attending the WellChild awards in London on September 7th before heading to the Invictus Games in Germany, where Meghan will later join him. This visit does not include meetings with his father, the King, or his brother, the Prince of Wales, due to the well-documented strain in their relationship, which Harry revealed in his Netflix documentary and memoir, “Spare.”

The timing of Harry’s visit is significant, falling on the eve of the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing and the King’s ascension on September 8th.

In his autobiography, Harry delved into the complex relationship between Meghan and Kate, recounting an incident when the pregnant princess believed she was owed an apology from Meghan after she commented on Kate suffering from “baby brain” due to her hormones. Harry also shed light on a dispute between Meghan and Kate over Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress, stating that it left Meghan “sobbing on the floor.”

Morton provided insight into Princess Diana’s aspirations for her sons. She had hoped that her estranged husband, Prince Charles, would relocate to Italy with his then-mistress Camilla (now the Queen) to pursue farming and art, allowing her to guide Prince William toward his destiny as King. However, those plans never materialized. Diana also envisioned Harry playing a supportive role as a “wingman” to William in the challenging and lonely role of future king, but that too did not come to pass.

Morton’s comments came shortly after the 26th anniversary of Diana’s passing and ahead of the release of unheard audio tapes of the late princess in an upcoming documentary. He described the experience of hearing her voice again as “eerie.” Extracts of these tapes revealed Diana discussing King Charles’ disappointment that Harry wasn’t a girl at his christening.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were recently seen enjoying themselves at Beyonce’s Renaissance world tour in LA, adding to the intrigue surrounding their ongoing activities before their participation in the Invictus Games.

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