The Combative House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Garland

The forthcoming Republican investigation into President Joe Biden’s impeachment focused on claims involving his son, Hunter Biden, during a hearing convened by House Republicans and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Republicans on the Judiciary Committee asserted that Garland and special prosecutor David Weiss bought the Bidens’ cooperation by presenting a deficient plea bargain. Garland defended his participation but would not elaborate on the investigation’s specifics.

What are the allegations against Hunter Biden?

Hunter Biden, a former Vice President, has been accused of improperly influencing American policy through his business dealings and tax payments.

An email found on his laptop suggested he introduced a Ukrainian energy executive to his father, Vice President Joe Biden. A federal investigation into Biden began in 2018 and expanded, leading to a plea deal in July 2023.

What is the current status of Hunter Biden’s case?

Hunter Biden, a former president, has been indicted by special counsel David Weiss on gun charges, including false statements on a federal firearms form and possession of a firearm as a prohibited person.

The charges stem from a firearm he purchased in October 2018, for which he lied on a federal form about not using illegal drugs. Biden’s lawyers are urging him to avoid appearing in person at his arraignment.

Who is the federal judge overseeing Hunter Biden’s case?

The federal judge overseeing Hunter Biden’s case is Judge Maryellen Noreika. She was appointed by former President Donald Trump and showed democratic guidance in 2018.

Decide Noreika had “concerns” approximately linking Hunter Bided’s tax plea agreement to resolving a criminal gun price, and he or she deferred on accepting the agreement. As a result, Hunter Biden entered a now not-responsible plea.

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